*Black Mask 2 to 3 Day FREE SHIPPING*

Shipping FAQ

How long does shipping take? 

We process orders and will upload the tracking information as soon as it becomes available. Orders typically ship within 3 business days of payment. (Weekends do not count as business days and we are closed during weekends). We do our best to ship out as quickly as possible. We will update you with tracking information as soon as it ships. 


How long does delivery take?

Each item we sell on our site can have a different delivery time. Please, reference the description to see what delivery time you can expect before hand. Delivery time will also be stated at Checkout. Depending on the item, it can take as less as 5 days to arrive, 10 days, or 2 to 3 weeks for custom items. Once your order ships and arrives at the parcel facility, you can expect a notification from us.


What if I have not received my order and it's past it's delivery date?

This is not typical, but in the rare event that your order is not delivered, please contact us at info@masksandscarves.com, so we can further look into the situation and track down the item. In the instance that the item is lost, we will  process a full refund. Please check tracking before hand, and give the item a few more days to make it's way to you. We do our best to respond within 24 hours of your message. 


What carrier do you use to ship out your products?

USPS is our current carrier of choice, but will use other companies if needed.